Hotel SENEC, June 2019

We changed the name and happily continued to the next year’s popular sports congresses. The update and expansion of the congress theme for all sports brought a lot of interesting information.

Well-known speakers gave their lectures in a friendly environment of hospitable Slovakia, participated in workshops, sports activities and such an important evening sitting, where participants could share their experiences, emotions and emotions from their sports and professional activities.

Doctors, athletes, celebrities, but also coaches and other sports officials appreciated the educational and practicality of the lectures, which resulted in a number of recommendations for real practice.

The invitation was accepted by a unique dear guest, the President of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency Yuri Ganus, who visited Slovakia for the first time. He was just thrilled. Humanly, professionally, he was attracted by the environment and extremely friendly atmosphere. “I am happy to return to Slovakia, friends, it was a very good and important event. I believe that the questions about Russia’s anti-doping cases will soon be clarified and we will have peace of mind for the right healthy sport. “

This time Prague was represented by orthopedist Jakub Kautzner with an engaging presentation on the diagnosis and treatment of children’s knee injuries and doc. PaedDr. Bronislav Kračmar, CSc from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports of Charles University, who has been teaching physical activities in nature throughout his professional career. Empirical knowledge associated with the study of the fundamental basis of human movement creates a holistic, holistic view of movement behavior as a result of the development of movement of animal species created in the specific movement and postural development of the individual’s locomotor system.

The topic of childhood was also dealt with by MUDr. Juraj Popluhár. PhD., MBA, head pediatric orthopedics at the University Hospital in Žilina – Solution of post-traumatic conditions on the lower limbs in children and adolescentsA standard part was an engaging block on news in rehabilitation techniques presented by the capacities of MUDr. Richard Smíšek and prof.doc Pavel Kolář from Prague again. We welcome them to our events.

An invaluable friend of every athlete is a sports psychologist or coach, without whom it is not possible today to give top performances. Mgr. Peter Bielik is one of the top personalities.Our colleagues from the field of pathological medicine had their premiere, yes, also tragic consequences and incorrect lifestyle or injuries are part of the world of sports.

We thank our partners for systematic help and for their contribution in the form of foreign lecturers in the presentation of the Italian colleague Dr. Stefano Guerrasio with the support of IBSA.

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