Topics of the congress

Sports Traumatology
Concussions, heas and cervical spine injuries
Sudden death in sport
Specifics of children injuries
Preventions and treatment of cartilage demage
Antidoping, drugs and suplements
Sport Physiotherapy and Psychology

Program of congress

These honorary speakers have already confirmed their participation in the congress. We thank you.

MUDr. Vladimír Balogh

Topic: "Acupuncture in Slovakia" He has a degree in Surgery, Rehabilitation, Acupuncture, City University and Health and Insurance Organization in the US and Japan. He managed health institutions and is co-founder and ZP Apollo. She has been working for 10 years as a head of the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, and is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Confucius Institute in Bratislava, an expert in traditional Chinese medicine, author of many articles and presentations.

MUDr. Bergendiová Katarína, PhD

Topics: "Špecifická liečby bronchiálnej astmy a alergie z hľadiska dopingu" and "Vrcholový šport a Imunita – ako nájsť správny balans?" She works as a physician with specialist attestation in paediatrics and clinical immunology and allergology in an ambulance at ImunoVital Center - a specialized center for clinical immunology and allergology for adults, children and sportsmen and for reproductive medicine, which she founded in 2014. He is a consultant physician for allergic disease and immunology for Top-team athletes in preparation for OH. As a doctor, she participated in a number of European and World Championship canoeing championships with a team of athletes, and as a team physician at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Beijing 2008 and Vancouver in 2010.

Mgr.Peter Bielik

An experienced mental coach who is behind the many successes of our athletes and teams. He has experience of cooperation with the Slovak senior and junior hockey team, the coach of the double Slovak champion in Hockey HC 05 Banská Bystrica, the Slovak biathlon team, the associate of the Slovak Golf Association and other Slovak sports clubs, the Olympic Games and World Championship Mental coach of many Slovak and foreign athletes.

MUDr. Igor Bukovský

Leading nutritionist, author of many professional lectures, publications and bestsellers, member of American Dietary Association (ADA), American Society for Clinical Nutrition (ASCN), British Nutrition Society (NS), Slovak Gastroenterology Society and others.

Mgr. Žaneta Csáderová, PhD.

Topic: "Biological Passport Athlete" Director of the Slovak Anti-Doping Agency. She graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of the Comenius University in Bratislava, the Department of Physical Education - Geography. She graduated from the Department of Social Sciences, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports in Bratislava, and defended her dissertation thesis "Doping in Sports and Anti-Doping Measures". She is a member of the Slovak Society of Physical Medicine. She was actively engaged in the Anti-Doping Committee of the Slovak Republic where she worked as a doping commissioner since 1999"

Yuri Ganus

Managing Director of the Anti-Doping Agency of Russia (RUSADA). Recognized distinguished international personality with a great deal of experience in sports anti-doping. Director General, Chairman of Committee on Corporate Governance, Strategic Planning, Human Resource and Remunerations. Member of the Board of Directors of JSC “PO “Sevmash”; Chairman of the Board – LLC "North-Western Industrial Railway Transport"; Director of ENSTO Building Technology Russia / ENSTO Building Technology Heating - ENSTO-Elektro/"ENSTO-Rus"(Finland), Director General of "North-Western Sea Company", Director of VIESSMANN GmbH (Germany) in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Jozef Gönci

State Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport. Olympic medalist, formerly the best shooter of the world, later sports official of Slovakia.

Dr. Stefano Guerrasio

Topic: "Clinical benefits of topical and intra-articular treatments in sport injuries" Orthopedic surgeon, responsible for support and planning of orthopaedic A&E, out-patients clinics for knee and spine of San Gerardo Universitary Hospital, Monza-Milan (Italy). Prof. a.c. in human musculoskeletal anatomy of School of Medicine of University of Milano – Bicocca, in charge for support and planification of educational activities of International Medical School of University of Milan – Bicocca. Extensive experience in creation, organization, management and direction of national and international courses for medical specialists, in particular orthopaedic surgeons, focused on cadaver-lab for anatomical risk management in MSK surgery and MSK ultrasound courses.

Doc. MUDr. Jackuliak, PhD., MPH

Topic: "Osteoporosis - not only a disease of postmenopausal women" Internist and Diabetologist at the Medical Clinic of LFUK and UNB, Vice-Dean of the Medical Faculty of Charles University in Bratislava, is involved in his clinical practice with diabetics at the Diabetologic practice as well as at the Metabolic Unit of Intensive Care. The subject of scientific research is the osteoporosis especially secondary osteoporosis. He is the author and co-author of several books and scientific publications in domestic and foreign journals, is a speaker in the field of diabetology, osteology, endocrinology and internal medicine at national and international congresses, is a member of the Committee of the Slovak Internal Medicine Society, Slovak Society for Osteoporosis metabolic diseases of bone and the Slovak society for endocrinology, menopause and andropause.

MUDr. Juraj Kacian

Topic: "New treatment options for post-operative pain" Head of the Trauma Surgery Department, Faculty Hospital Žilina. The main professional interest is complex injuries in the areas of joints, especially of the shoulder and knee, author of several lectures and documents, which responded at home and abroad.

MUDr. Jakub Kautzner, PhD.

Topic: "Diagnosis and treatment of knee injuries in childhood" After graduating in 2005, he took up the post of secondary physician at the Clinic of Orthopedics and Traumatology of Children and Adults of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine at the Faculty Hospital Motol under the supervision of Professor MUDr. Tomáš Trč, CSc., MBA., Secondary physician Orthopedics Vršovice a.s. He specializes in arthroscopic surgery and computer assisted knee joint endoprosthesis. He is the head of the group for shoulder joint surgery, hip arthroscopy and hip surgery. Assistant Professor in Orthopedics at the 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague.

Patrik Kmeč

Topic: "An ecosystem of healthcare using blokchain and decentralized artificial intelligence" Ideas never sleep. Patrik's motto defines his approach to creating product strategies, marketing and communication. During his career he worked in various segments such as banking, tourism, FMCG, telco, IT, but also the pharmaceutical and automotive industries. He manages several teams at the same time in different business segments and markets. He won several international awards and was also a member of the jury of the international advertising festival. Today he specializes in creating a digital healthcare ecosystem using blockchain and decentralized artificial intelligence.

MUDr. Knappková Lucia

Topic: „Zaujímavé kazuistiky zachytené pri telovýchovných prehliadkach“ She has been working at the ImunoVital Center since 2018, as a physician-certified physician, who graduated in Sports and Exercise Medicine at London University in 2008. In 2016 she completed her studies at the School of Music in cooperation with Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the title of acupuncture practitioner and is included in the specialization study of acupuncture at SZU. Since 2010, she has been working as an anti-doping commissioner at the Slovak Anti-Doping Agency and subsequently at UEFA, where she was the only female commissioner to become a member of the panel of experts. Since 2012, she has been a female football team doctor, participates in football medicine congresses, lectures at UEFA training courses for football coaches. She was a tournament doctor at the U-17 European Championship and the U-19 European Championship.

Prof. MUDr. Milan Kokavec, PhD.

Honorary President of the Slovak Orthopedic and Traumatology Society. Head of the Orthopedic Clinic of the Medical Faculty of the Charles University and NÚDCH in Bratislava, who performs many special and rare surgical procedures, as the only one in Slovakia. An internationally renowned specialist and child orthopedic specialist, author of many lectures, articles, and professional publications. He is involved in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, education, assessment and research of diseases and injuries of the locomotor system in childhood and adolescence.

MUDr. Marián Kollár

President of the Slovak Medical Chamber (SLK). He is a health care expert and legislative processes related to this activity. Marián Kollár's goal is to improve overall medical care, including continuous education.

Prof. PaedDr. Pavel Kolář, PhD

Head of the Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine Clinic of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Vice-Dean of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine. He is the founder of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, the author of many professional publications. He is an internationally very popular and acclaimed pedagogue at Czech and foreign universities and is the winner of the Medal of Merit for Pedagogical and Scientific Activity and Merit in Education and Science. Significant achievements are achieved as a member of the Czech national teams (hockey, football, athletics, tennis ...)

doc. PaedDr. Bronislav Kračmar, CSc.

Téma: „Fylogenetické determinanty sportovní lokomoce", katedra sportů v přírodě, Univerzita Karlova, Fakulta tělesné výchovy a sportu v prahe, 2002–2007 ředitel Kliniky komplexní rehabilitace Monada., v letech 2003–2005 vedoucí katedry sportů v přírodě, 2010–2014 proděkan pro vědu, výzkum, postgraduální studium a rigorózní řízení UK FTVS, člen Akademického senátu UK. Autor mnohých prednášok, článkov a odborných publikácií.

Dr.Thomas Legl

He has 40 years experience in the addiction field in treatment, prevention, research and international exchange. As clinical psychologist he has directed several residential treatment facilities. Recently he is director of treatment at "Therapiesalon im Wald" - His work features the implantation of specific programmes for special target groups as adolescents , mothers and children, dual diagnosis patients into the therapeutic setting. A special focus is the integration of sports, outdoor activities and nature experience into the therapeutic setting as one key issue. He has for many years been president of the Vienna NGO Committee on Narcotic Drugs with consultative status to the UN, is board member of ICAA -International Council on Alcohol and Addictions and after many years in the board president of Euro TC –European Centres of Drug Addiction. He has participated in numerous European projects and is member of the Civil Society Forum on Drugs with consultative status to the European Commission.

MUDr. Pavel Malovič

Chief Medical Officer of the Slovak Football Association, Doping Commissioner ADA SR, Doping Control Officer UEFA, Football Medicine Doctor (FMDr.),Head of the UNB Clinic of Physical Medicine and the Institute of Physical Medicine of the SZU in Bratislava. He leads the UEFA Football Doctor Education Program and the FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine in Slovakia. Slovak national football team physician, physician of Football European championship.

MUDr. Jan Nohejl

Topic: “Reactive arthritis in ice hockey, SCAT5 tool for brain diagnostics”. Rheumatologist from the Czech Republic, until recently a long standing important member of the Medical Committee of the International Hockey Federation IIHF and the Czech Medical committee, IIHF medical supervisor of many international ice hockey world championships, the principal physician of several representations and Czech hockey 1997-2015.

MUDr. Peter Polan PHD, MPH

Topic: "Return to Sports After Knee Reconstruction" Head of the Department of Musculoskeletal and Sport Medicine Hospital Kosice-Šaca a.s., FIFA Medical Center of Excellence Košice-Šaca. The main professional interests are endoprotection of the knee and hip joint, arthroscopy of the weight-bearing joints, sports orthopedics and traumatology. Graduate of several foreign internships in Austria, the Czech Republic, Scotland and USA, participant in Salzburg Medical Seminars and EFORT fellowship. He has published as lead author and co-author in more than twenty national and foreign professional periodical

MUDr. Juraj Popluhár, PhD., MBA

Topic: Treatment of post-traumatic conditions in the lower extremities of children and adolescents”. Head of Department of Pediatric Orthopedics FNsP Žilina, Head Physician of Spondylosurgery, head of the medical training base of SZU Bratislava, sports physician of the footballers, renowned expert and great speaker, author of many lectures, articles and professional publications. ”... I prefer teamwork, I recognize the need for empathy and the priority of treasuring perfect communication ". Specialist in spine deformation surgery, he has extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries in childhood and adolescence. He leads one of two children's orthopedics centers in Slovakia, a remarkable amount and a range of surgical performances.

Mgr. Zdenko Seneši

Topic: “Sports Doctor - Legal Aspects of Occupation”. Advokát pôsobiaci v Advokátskej kancelárii ŠKODLER & PARTNERS, s.r.o. Viac ako 10 rokov sa venuje medicínskemu právu, vrátane problematiky výkonu zdravotníckeho povolania a poskytovania zdravotnej starostlivosti.

MUDr. Richard Smíšek

An internationally recognized specialist for musculoskeletal medicine and internal medicine. Author of world-known SPS (SM-system) method. The method developed around 40 years ago and spreads it through courses and lectures around the world. Renowned speaker who specializes in the treatment of the locomotive apparatus. He has published several professional publications and his clients are many successful top athletes.

Frantisek Szanto

Since 1984 he has been practicing his physiotherapy practice in Burgdorf where he has gained extensive experience in manual therapy (treatment of chronic pain of the locomotor system, therapy and rehabilitation after surgery, acupuncture). He is a popular speaker and expert in physiotherapy and acupuncture, is a regular guest lecturer and physical trainer at music festivals and provides services to top tennis players and musicians.

MUDr. Andrey Švec, PhD., MPH

Topic: "Oncoortopedia and sports injuries, case reports" He is the chief expert of the Ministry of Health for the Department of Orthopedics in Slovakia, the head of the First Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology of the Faculty of Medicine, SZU and UNBA. The clinic provides a wide range of orthopedics, oncoortopedia and also provides treatment for locomotive system injuries. He is a top personality in Slovak and international fields. Author of many professional articles, publications and lectures. "Kids today have injuries that only top sportsmen once had!"

MUDr. Ľubomír Gulán
Slovak Anti-Doping Agency

Topic: „Biological Passport Athlete – Hematologic Module„

MUDr. Miloš Hartel
FNsP Žilina, Ortopedické oddelenie

Téma: „Raritné úrazy kolena u mladých športovcov“

Ing. Tomáš Pagáč, PhD.
Slovak Anti-Doping Agency

Topic: „Biological Passport Athlete - Steroid Module„

MUDr. Andrej Papp
Head of the Department of Surgery, Hospital Malacky a.s.

Topic: „How did we "survive" the Radentheine World Cup„

MUDr. Mgr. Boris Ťažký, PhD.,
MUDr. Michal Kováč

Súdnolekárske a patologickoanatomické pracovisko ÚDZS, Banská Bystrica

Téma: „Vybrané kazuistiky náhlych úmrtí športovcov“

MUDr.Natália Vaňová,EMBA
kardiológ, Nemocnica Košice-Šaca a.s. 1.súkromná nemocnica

Téma: „Kardiovaskulárny skríning športovca - redukcia náhlej srdcovej smrti“

MUDr. Mgr. Maroš Varga, MPH
Head Physician of the Sport-Artro Center, Košice-Šaca Hospital, President of the Slovak Society of Arthroscopy and Sports Traumatology

Topic: „Lipid status of athlete and rupture of rotator cuff„

MUDr. Ing. Kamil Zeman,Ph.D.
Hospital in Frýdek-Místek, CZE

Topic: „Rare cause syncope as a symptom of a serious illness in an active athlete„

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